Music Thursday 12 March 2020

Class C32 Year 6 Choral Two Songs in Unison
1st Worle Village KS2 Choir
2nd Churchfield Voices

Class V26B Vocal Group Piece for 6 – 12 Singers
1st Mark CE Academy Choir

Class C30 Year 6 Choral Two or Three Short Songs with a Common Theme
1st Churchfield Voices
2nd Ashcott School Choir

Class C32 Year 2 Choral Two Songs in Unison
1st Burnham Infant School

Class C29 Year 6 Choral Two Contrasting Songs of Worship
1st Churchfield Voices

Class X88E Instrumental Beginners’ Class
1st Ophelia Buckton
2nd Fiona Livesley


Class X66C Accompanied Solos Percussion
1st Thomas Riggs
2nd Benjamin Warner-Deards

Class X77E Instrumental Duet
1st Ophelia Buckton & Millie Lintern
2nd Ian & Ceiliegh Tiso

Class G82 Instrumental Ensemble 3 – 6 Instruments
1st Lower Brass Group
2nd= Tuba Group
2nd= Sterling Flute Quartet

Class X65E Accompanied Solo Brass
1st Ophelia Buckton

Class X71E Unaccompanied Solo Brass
1st Millie Lintern

Class G85 Instrumental Ensemble 35+ Instruments
1st King Alfred Concert Band


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