Music Saturday 14 March 2020

Class V4E Vocal Solo Song From Any Musical Show/Film
1st Alice Bingham
2nd= Tina Lukins
2nd= Peter Selby
3rd Dennis Salmon

Class V13E Vocal Solo Adult Novice Own Choice
1st Phil Benge
2nd Tim Harris
3rd Fran Ashby

Class V8E Vocal Solo Self-Accompanied Song
1st Peter Selby
2nd Rowena Steady
3rd Jon Wood

Class V15E Vocal Solo Song of Own Choice excluding Pop/Film/Show
1st Helen Hill
2nd= Tina Lukins
2nd= Dennis Salmon

Class V7E Vocal Solo Baroque/Classical/Romantic
1st Alice Bingham
2nd= Jo Thorn
2nd= Helen Hill

Class V6E Vocal Solo A Humorous Song
1st Zoe Sewell
2nd Ruth Hibbert
3rd= Phil Benge
3rd= Helen Hill

Class V3E Vocal Solo Traditional Unaccompanied Folk Song
1st Helen Hill

Class V20E Vocal Duet From Stage or Film
1st Tina Lukins & Ellen Lukins
2nd= Alice Bingham & Ruth Hibbert
2nd= Jon Wood & Rowena Steady

Class V21E Vocal Duet in Classical/Baroque Style
1st Jo Thorn & Ann Clewlow
2nd Olena Gullidge & Natalia Golovacheva

Class V23E Vocal Duet Any Other Duet
1st Rowena Steady & Sarah Woodward
2nd Vinnie Triggol & Peter Selby

Class V27E Vocal group Arranged Pop Song for 6 – 12 Singers
1st Simply Six
2nd The Octettes

Class V25E Vocal Group Trio/Quartet/Quintet
1st The Calamity Janes
2nd Ann Clewlow, Alice Bingham, Ruth Hibbert
3rd Too Squared!

Class V26E Vocal Group Piece for 6 -1 12 Singers
1st Simply Six
2nd The Octettes
3rd Tabernacle Singers

Class C29 Choral Two Contrasting Songs of Worship
1st Vocalise

Class C30 Choral Two or Three Short Songs with a Common Theme
1st Vocalise
2nd Worle Community Choir

Class C31 Choral Two Contrasting Songs Sung in Harmony
1st Vocalise
2nd Worle Community Choir

Class C32 Two Songs in Unison
1st Vocalise

Class C34 Choral 15 Minute Show Medley
1st Vocalise


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