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Great Speech & Drama Performances in 2017

Speech and Drama is finished for another year but it has left behind a warm glow of satisfaction on the faces of many of our competitors, as one school told me this morning. Success in Speech and Drama is not measured by marks alone. It is also measured by the satisfaction of knowing that you have stood alone on a stage, in front of an audience and used nothing but your speaking voice to give pleasure. This experience is a huge achievement on its own and develops the confidence that so many of us lack.
The ability to communicate was at the heart of many of our adjudicator’s comments. Marcia Carr is a gifted demonstrator of the art of communication and she delivered advice and encouragement with clarity and humour. However, a Festival is competitive and we were pleased that two marks of 90 (Honours) were given and well deserved. One was by a solo performer (Francesca Smith) and the other was an ensemble from one of our local primary schools. (St Joseph's Primary). Marcia had much to say about the benefits of working in groups and how they teach us to be listeners, be good team players, supportive of others, and able to recognise strengths.
Talking of teams, I have to mention the incredible number that entered Choral Speech. Fifteen teams entered in all. We normally have about five but fifteen was quite remarkable with Churchfield School supplying seven of the teams. Well done Churchfield. A heroic effort. It was also a joy to have attracted other schools from outside our catchment area such as Mark and Weare Academy and we hope to see them again. When these teams competed the atmosphere was electric and each and every one must be praised for their work, their behaviour and their patience. What wonderful children we have and what wonderful teachers and parents without whom this Festival would not exist. My thanks to all.
To conclude I must also mention how lovely it was to see an increase in adult competitors and I hope to attract many more. This Festival is not for children alone as the Princess Theatre Company, and individual entrants showed, so perhaps we'll see you next year taking part.

Sue Walton. (Speech and Drama Secretary)


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