Nearly everything you need to know about taking part in Highbridge Festival

Highbridge Festival of The Arts is an opportunity for you to share your talent in a wide variety of ‘classes’ in the areas of Speech, Drama, Dance and Music. We welcome participants of all ages and abilities. When you perform at the Festival, you will receive an adjudication (report) from an expert in the medium in which you are performing, together with a mark which reflects the standard of your performance. If you prefer not to be marked, there are non-competitive classes available too.
The Syllabus gives details of over 200 classes, the Regulations that apply throughout the Festival and to the different sections of the Festival. It is important that you read the Regulations and the class descriptions carefully to make sure that your performance will meet the requirements. For example, in Speech & Drama you might be required to recite a specified poem; in Dance you will be expected to wear clothes suited to the style of dance; whereas in Music you may be singing a song from a specific genre. Entry forms, which can be downloaded from our website or obtained by post from the Section Secretaries, need to be sent to the appropriate Section Secretary, together with the relevant fees. Once your entry has been received, the closing date has passed and entries have been collated, the Section Secretary will send you a timetable showing the date and time your class will be held. Please make sure that you arrive at the venue half an hour before the given start time. Entrants in each class are listed in the timetable and you will take to the stage in the order printed in the timetable. If there are any problems with this, e.g. you have a special need, please contact the Section Secretary before the Festival.
Once everyone in the class has performed, the adjudicator will talk to the audience and competitors about the performances. He/She will award medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, if appropriate. The adjudicator will also provide a written report for you, commenting on both the technical and artistic merit of your performance. A mark will be awarded using nationally recognised criteria (see Syllabus General Regulations) and you will also receive a certificate to commemorate your participation in the Festival. Adjudication reports and certificates can be collected from the Certificate Desk at the venue.
Please be aware that the Festival is essentially a competition, akin to an Eisteddfod in Wales. It is not a concert or an opportunity for you to perform outside of the requirements of the class/classes you have entered.
The Section Secretaries are always happy to answer any questions you might have about the class/classes you are interested in. Their details are in the Syllabus or you can contact us via the website.
We look forward to seeing you at the Festival.

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